Bob Villa Website: Metal Roofs on the Rise

In a recent article on Bob Villa’s website, writer Jim Flasch discusses why metal roofs are a durable and energy-efficient alternative to shingles, and are now more attractive than ever.

Metal roofs offer the best protection from wind, hail, fire, rain and rot. Although the installation cost might seem high for metal roofs, the overall cost is lower due to their energy efficiency and long life. And since they are nearly free of any maintenance problems for 50 years or longer, they are becoming more popular than ever.

The article covers how “standing seam” roofs often offer 50 year warrenties. It is also common to see such roofs last over a century.

The beauty and durability of metal roofs are explained as well. No longer limited to the old shiny metal appearance, metal roofs are becoming more common in modern building architecture and design.

Finally, Jim goes over why metal roofs offer better energy efficiency and increased value to buildings. Not only do metal roofs add about $1.45 per square foot to a home’s value, the insurance companies give discounts up to 35%, since these roofs are rarely hurt by fire, wind or hail.

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