Why people are moving to metal roofs

While the rest of the economy has been flagging over the past decade or so, residential roofing – particularly metal roofing (and for our case metal roof fasteners) – has been experiencing a protracted boom period. In fact, metal roofs have quadrupled their market share in the past decade alone.

The reasons for that are numerous, but to break it down quick and easy, here’s the most common answers:

  • They can perform for over 50 years
  • Can come in a wide range of styles so they don’t stick out like a sore thumb like they used to years ago
  • Incredible resistance to deterioration and damage
  • Completely fire-safe
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • They actually weigh less – which puts less structural stress on the rest of the house

The big determining factor for most customers though – is the cost savings; not just in terms of the sticker price, but with regards to their insurance as well.

While the up front cost of a metal roof is more than your prototypical asphalt roof –you’re looking at essentially a one-time cost. Because once you buy a metal roof, the chances are you won’t ever (yes –ever) have to purchase another roof. When you look at the cost over 30-50 years, it’s actually less to install the metal roof. Even better – they come with 50-year warranties – so if something DOES go wrong – you’re covered.

The other big benefit is the insurance savings. Now with a less risky roof, you have a less risky house. In some cases, some insurance companies offer discounts as high as 35% to homeowners who have metal roofs. When you think of the totality of that over the long run, that’s enormous cost savings.

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