The five most important things about metal roofs

The five most important things about metal roofs

As the demand for energy and cost savings in the US rises – so has the market for metal roofs. Today, we’re going to share the five key selling points as to why metal roofing has become so popular – and why you should consider it for your home.

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Quality selection

Today’s metal roofs come in a variety of builds and colors to match virtually any style of home. From vertical seam profiles or the ability to mimic wood shake, slate, shingles or even clay tiles – you can find virtually any model to fit your situation.

Extreme durability

The primary driver in the popularity of metal roofing comes primarily from the fact that metal roofs outperform every other kind of roofing material when it comes to standing up to the elements. Winds, snow, hail, water – you name it – metal roofs can take it – and do so for decades.

Energy savings

Metal roofs come with highly reflective coatings that help keep energy costs down. They call them ‘cool roofs’ and they even come with energy star ratings that can qualify your home for tax credits depending on the situation.

Sweet silence

One aesthetic benefit to metal roofs is you don’t have to hear the constant drone and pitter-patter from rain. Metal roofs come insulated – meaning they keep unnecessary noise out of your house. That means not only do you get peak performance in terms of protection from the elements – but they make for a significantly quieter experience.

 Great for the environment

If you are the type who likes to live on the green side – metal roofs are for you. They contain as much as 25% recycled materials. And when it comes time to make a change – the panels are 100% recyclable – as opposed to traditional materials which account for nearly 13 billion pounds of waste in US landfills every year.
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