3 Things You Should Do To Prepare Your Roof For The Winter

As the weather gets colder and the leaves have fallen, we’re finding ourselves staring both the holiday season – and old man winter – right in the face once more. Depending on where you live, you might get snow. In other places, the weather gets a lot colder, a lot windier and the precipitation kicks up a tick.

Regardless of where you’re at – you’ll be dealing with harsh weather – and so will your roof.

This week’s post is a quick glance at the three things you should do to get your roof ready for the winter – and yes – this even goes for you metal roof-proof customers of ours out there.

Let’s jump right in!

Clean you gutters – Make sure you clean your gutters. It’s important because on days where the sun is a bit more intense, the snow and ice on your roof will melt and glow down your gutters. If it’s clogged with debris, it can cause back up and splash water back onto your roof. And water on your roof can lead to mold and damage.

Trim trees around your house – Trees grow pretty fast if you’re not paying attention to them and they can create a whole myriad of issues for your roof. As the winter months get closer, be sure to trim your tree branches back. This’ll also save you extra work with regards to your gutters, as you won’t have to deal with all the leaves that tend to come along with tree growth.

Get an inspection – This is always the best time to do an inspection. Some roofers want you to do it every year, but we think you’re OK going every 2-3 years if your roof is younger and in good repair. Older roofs should probably be looked at every year. In the event that your inspection reveals that your roof needs to be repaired, you should get it done immediately, before the snow comes.

When it comes to winter – weather can be unforgiving – and the same holds here in Florida – where snow, ice and the like aren’t always front of mind. By spending time inspecting, repairing and maintaining your roof now – it can save you hundreds – if not thousands – on roof repairs later on down the line.

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