Roof maintenance in the Spring

Spring is – it appears – finally upon us! The cold air is moving out, the pleasant, warm air is moving in and finally it’ll be time to go outside.

And you know what going outside means – time for spring clean-up! While most pay attention to things like gutters, remaining leaves, etc. – your roof should also be considered a priority. During the winter months your roof can take a real beating – even a metal roof! Therefore, it’s important that for both functional and aesthetic reasons, that you do your due diligence and get your roof ready for the winter months.

Here are some tips in terms of what you should be doing. Let’s jump right in.

It can be dangerous

You should absolutely be aware that inspecting a roof can be dangerous. If you don’t have experience on a roof, it’s probably smart to hire a professional to do it. Clmbing ladders and standing on sloping surfaces can be risky business, so make sure you’re taking your safety into consideration.

Peaks and valleys

Be sure to always check the valleys in your roofting system. This is the place where water and detritus frequently pools and collects. As a result, it’s also where the most damage can occur – even in a metal roof system. Also be sure to check the areas around any pipes and chimneys. Any gaps, cracks or missing caulk should be noted immediately.

Check your trim

Checking the trim is easy to do and there’s actually a hack that can help you do it quickly without having to climb up a ladder 37 times in one afternoon. Use a set of binoculars and use them to examine the trim, flashing and the like – to look for any cracks, loose areas or wear. When you find them, simply note them and then take a trip up the ladder to take a closer look.

Check the inside

The last must-look place you should visit is your attic. Go along under your roof and look in to see if there’s any areas where there’s staining or discoloration. This means there could be a seam issue in your metal roof panel or that there’s some sort of leak. Leaks can be serious business so be sure to catch them early.


One of the advantages of having a metal roof is that you don’t have to worry about too much when it comes to maintenance – but that you should always do your due diligence and conduct a walk through at least once a year. If you notice your system having issues, call your local pro and get them to come check out the issue with you. Good luck!

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