What makes metal roofs so tough?

Metal roofs are by far the most resilient and durable forms of metal roof on the market. With the right kind of care, your metal roof could last up to 100 years – almost 4 or 5 times as long as other roofing systems.

But how do they stay this tough? What about them makes them so resilient? That’s what we’re here to answer today. Here is what helps set metal roofs apart from the rest of the pack. Let’s jump right in.


Impact resistance

When we say metal roofs can take a beating – it’s because they can literally take a beating! Hail damage and other debris are a frequent cause of insurance claims – but with metal roofs, you’re looking at mostly minor dents. It might not help the aesthetic appeal of your roof, of course; but it won’t be a big, leaky hole, either.

Corrosion resistance

When you invest in a metal roof, you won’t have to worry about your home being unnecessarily exposed to the elements. You won’t have to worry about rot, corrosion or the usual wear and tear. Whether it’s metal shingles or standing steam formats – your metal roof will keep the water out and stand strong in the face of the elements.

Wind resistance

When you live in a community like ours here in Clearwater, Florida – high winds are always on the mind – whether it’s a severe thunderstorm creeping in from the coast or hurricane-force winds from a major storm. Every form of metal roof is resistant to tear-offs and updrifts. Thanks to the interlocking fastening system with metal roof clips, the airflow is pulled down and essentially just glides right over the surface of the roof.

In a place like Florida – this can give the average homeowner a huge sense of relief and peace of mind.


Metal roofs bring with them a vast array of benefits – but their toughness and durability is almost always the reason homeowners decide to invest in them. If you’re thinking of building a roof or have a contractor signed and want to save some money – contact us today and we’ll help supply you with the best in metal roofing materials. Good luck!



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