How metal roofs keep you cool in the summer

We’re in the peak of summer and let’s just say this one has been pretty hot. Record heat waves have broken out, especially in recent weeks, all over the country. That means that keeping cool is import!

While air conditioning certainly does the lion’s share of keeping a house cool, it won’t do you any good if your home isn’t properly insulated. Hot air can leak out or in and all you get stuck with at the end of the month is a big utility bill and a warm house.

One of your primary culprits may be your existing roof

We’re sure you’ve all felt the oppressive heat of a blacktop parking lot on a hot, sunny day; and if you know how hot asphalt gets when it’s laying there then imagine how hot it gets when it’s on your roof. Simply put, asphalt and other kinds of shingled roofing systems tend to absorb hear and that causes your home to get warmer. If your air conditioner senses the air, it’ll have to work harder cool your home.

With metal roofs, that won’t happen

Metal roofs insulate your home by keeping hot air out and cold air in. That way when your home heats to 65 degrees, the air conditioner can take a break for a little while. The better of the two benefits though – is clearly the heat prevention. Metal roofs can reduce heat absorption by as much as 90%. In the summer, your average home with a metal roof is cooler by around 12 degrees.

Keeping the carbon low

For folks who are thinking about the big picture, then metal roofs are great for you. They’ll help reduce your carbon foot significantly. This is more meaningful than just a feel-good ‘check out my green credentials’ self-high-five. There’s a financial benefit, too. When there’s less carbon in the air, the atmosphere in and around your home stays cooler. When it’s easier to keep your home cool, you save money. When you can save money and help the environment, too? That’s a win for everybody.

Better air quality

One hidden benefit is not only will the air be cooler, but it’ll circulate more efficiently throughout your home. Metal roofs provide an opportunity to re-tool your ventilation – and as a result, fresh air will make its way in and around your home much easier- particularly that cold air pumping out of your air conditioning. And the faster it cycles through, the less work your air conditioner has to do.

If you’re thinking of making a metal roof a part of your future and are looking for the parts and components that make them work, give us a call today and we’ll be happy to provide a free consultation. Good luck and stay cool! It’s hot out there!

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