Do metal roofs make homes too hot?

Roofers field a lot of inquiries every day and as you can imagine, that leads to a fair amount of repetition in terms of the problems people have. There are a lot of misconceptions out there about metal roofs – one of them being that metal roofs contract more heat than normal roofs; thus making homes too hot. Simply put – that’s not true.

So if you’ve ever wondered if metal roofs make houses too hot, the answer is ‘no.’ And here’s why!

Material and assembly

Long story, short – there are two elements at play – the roof covering material and the construction of the roof itself. When it comes to whether the metal is absorbent or not, it comes down to a few variables:

  • The color and finish on the metal will impact its absorbency. Metal exposed directly to the sun will heat up but whether it gets hotter than other materials has a lot to do with its color and finish. Most metal roof products are reflective of sunlight, making them cooler than other kinds of roofs. Also – a lighter color is always bound to absorb less heat that a darker color would.
  • Yes, a metal roof panel will absorb heat, but so will any roof covering material.
  • Once the sun stops hitting a roof directly, lighter materials loses their heat the fastest. And what’s the lightest roofing material? Metal.

Construction of the attic 

While the color and material used to build a roof can affect the amount of heat a home absorbs, the bigger contributor to your home’s temperature is the attic.

Every attic needs proper ventilation. Keeping the attic to within a few degrees of ambient temperature means that your insulation has the best chance of preventing the attic from collecting too much heat.

And speaking of which – insulation is a big deal. Not only does insulation prevent your home from losing warm or cold air; it also keeps warm and cold air out; and in this case specifically, it prevents the heat from the roof from getting into the home. The more insulation you have and the higher quality – the easier it will be to control the temperature of your home.

At the end of the day, metal roofs give you the best chance to NOT overheat your home. Simultaneously – it’ll also keep it from getting too cold! So long as you have sound insulation, a well-constructed attic with proper ventilation and a light roofing material – you should be fine. Don’t let worries of an overheated home prevent you from making the investment in a new metal roof. Good luck!

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