Preparing for roof installation

So you’ve decided to get a new roof, you’ve interviewed and selected a contractor and you’ve secured your financing. Now all that’s left is to install the roof! But what happens now? 

Today, we’re going to talk about some of the preparations you need to make when your roof is set to be installed. There’s not a lot that you’re going to have to do – but there are a few things you can do to make sure everything goes according to plan. Here’s how you can prepare for your metal roof installation. Let’s jump right in!

Ask the contractor how you can be helpful

While roof installation of any type is going to be a 99% hands-off experience for you, there’s always the worry that perhaps the job won’t be done correctly or the feeling that you might be able to pitch in to make things a little easier on your contractor. 
If this is you, simply pick up your phone and ask your contractor what you can do to prep for their arrival. Maybe it’s moving the cars, clearing off your lawn, letting your neighbors know what’s coming… it could be a variety of things. Contractors don’t NEED you to do these things, but we’re sure there are some things you can do to help, so just ask!

Preparing your home

There isn’t a ton you’re going to need to do when it comes to your roof installation. You will however, want to make sure you remove wall decorations and fragile objects off of shelves upstairs. The walls will be shaking a bit from installers stomping around up on your roof, hammering in boards, shingles, panels and the like. In some cases – particularly in older houses – you might want to remove wall hangings downstairs as well. 

Also, be sure to make sure if there are plants or stationary decorations outside that they’re protected with tarps or coverings. There will be plenty of debris flying off the top of your home, so you’ll want to make sure those things are accounted for. 

In addition – let everyone not only in your home, but in your neighborhood that you’ll be installing a roof. It’s a loud, noisy process that can disturb children, pets and anyone sensitive to noises. Be sure to keep any pets or children out of the home during the installation as well. 

Preparing for roofers

Make sure your yard is clean and that every access to the point is open and easy to get to. Also be sure to let the contractors know whether you have pets so that they’re not leaving doors open and know to tread carefully in the event that your pets are a bit more aggressive. 

Hopefully these tips help take a little bit of edge off of the anxiety around the process. In the meantime, good luck with your new roof! You’ve chosen wisely!

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