The essential ingredients of a quality metal roof

When it’s time for you to invest into a new roof, you’re going to want to start by simply learning about what’s out there and what makes certain products better than others. If you’re leaning towards a metal roof, we have put together a quick list of key components that make for a high quality metal roof. 

So if you’re lost and aren’t sure where you need to start- today’s blog is for you. Let’s jump right in!

Quality finishes

Metal roof panels come in a variety of shades, colors and coatings and finding the right combination can make a big difference in the overall quality of your roof. Make sure that you’re looking at panels that don’t have to deal with things like staining, streaking or solar damage. Make sure that no matter what kind of panel you purchase – that the finish is of the highest quality you can find. 

Great warranties 

Look, we’re in this business and we don’t make any bones about it – metal roofs are a significant investment. And let’s face it – if you’re investing that kind of money into something, you expect to squeeze as much value as you can get out of it. Any good roof should come with not just a warranty; but rather a comprehensive warranty that covers a variety of things- from the installation workmanship, the product itself all the way to the integrity of the raw materials used in the product. Make sure you always review any warranties as part of the sales process. 

Self cleaning

For many, an investment in a metal roof means less having to worry about things like cleaning your roof all the time. Debris will slide off easier, snow melts more quickly and evenly – and things like tree leaves, pine needles and the like – don’t make your roof their permanent home. Make sure that any metal roof you choose is designed in a way and manner that the roof is as ‘valley free’ as possible. ‘Self-cleaning’ valleys will make sure all of that bad stuff doesn’t clog up your roof. 

Proper ventilation

Any competent metal roof system should have sound ventilation. This will significantly impact things like hot and cold temperature retention, month to month energy bills and a whole host of other issues (like mold, rot and the like). Especially if you’re making a jump TO metal roofs for the first time, it’s the perfect excuse to use the project to redo your home’s ventilation. 

Hopefully these tips will help you get a better handle on the kinds of things you should be looking for when it comes to the purchase of a metal roof. If you have any questions – feel free to give us a call. Until then, good luck!

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