Maximizing the value of your metal roof

Investing in a roof is an important decision. It’s a significant investment and it can make a big difference not only in your home’s safety and durability; but also its curb appeal and resale value. Today, we’re going to be discussing some of the things we think you should be thinking about with regards to maximizing your metal roof’s overall value. 

Again, these aren’t short-term questions – these are some big-picture things. Let’s jump right in!

Don’t scrimp on durability

Your roof’s primary function is to protect you, your home and your belongings. There are a variety of extremes in certain climates that can adversely impact and shorten the lifespan of an asphalt or shingle roof. Quality metal is stronger, more durable and holds up better in severe weather. 

Not only will it hold up to the wear and tear, but it will prevent other costly damage from occurring – things like leaks, roofing failures and the like. Some insurance companies will even give customers significant breaks in their homeowners insurance if they have a more resilient metal roof. 

What’s the long-term ROI?

Metal roofs can last up to 100 years. Yes, you’ll pay more up-front and at first the difference will look significant. That being said, when you lay it out over the course of those 100 years, it’s significantly less. Metal can resist the elements and other baddies like moss and fungus growth and can also be cleaned and maintained simply by just hosing them off. It’s these things alone that start to show themselves up front in terms of cost-savings. 

Cashing in

Metal roofs are considered to be more ‘energy-efficient’ than other kinds of roofs. While this will save you money on bills and the like, you will also be eligible for rebates and other perks – whether it’s through your insurance or through taxes and rebates. Between that, the saved money on replacement, repairs and maintenance, the gap between paying less up front for a roof and paying more for a metal roof begins to close quickly. 

Resale value

Curb appeal is everything and if your home looks good, then you’ll be able to sell it for 7% more than your competitors according to certain studies. Metal roofs come in a variety of styles and looks and just their durability and dependability alone can make them an extremely appealing feature to homeowners. Metal roofs will help make it easier to sell your home. 

There’s no doubt that up front, metal roofs can be a major expense; but over time between the money you save, the resale value of the home going up and the like; that gap begins to look less and less substantial by the day. That’s why it’s important that when it comes time for you to make a call on your new roof, that you think long-term – and not just short term. Good luck!

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