All about metal roofs in coastal communities

Homes down here in Tampa, Florida and other coastal communities are wonderful – it’s great weather, the beach is right there and there’s almost always something to do. However, homes in this area also get a ring side seat for quite literally everything that Mother Nature is ready to throw at us. 

As such, a lot of homeowners have decided to install metal roofs on their homes – as it’s better able to deal with the extreme sunshine, salt, high winds and general beating that homes take in these environments. That being said – metal roofs in coastal areas need a little bit of extra care. Not keeping a proper eye on them can significantly reduce their life span – which often defeats the purpose of purchasing the home to begin with. 

Here are some things you should know if you’re considering a metal roof for your coastal home. Let’s jump right in!

Salt and metal roofing

At first, it might seem like metal roofs would be a poor fit when it comes to sea salt. And to an extent there’s some truth to that. If your roof isn’t properly treated, it can rust and warp in those kinds of conditions. A nasty cocktail of moisture and salt can corrode steel and most other metals, in fact. In fact, they corrode 10 times as fast than in other areas of the country. 

On the flip side – aluminum roofing – has NONE of those issues. Aluminum is an all-around more ‘seaworthy’ metal and is more rust-resistant and salt resistant than other forms of metal. So if you’re looking to invest in a metal roof in a coastal community – go with aluminum.

Why aluminum

The real key to aluminum roofs vs. coastal weather comes from its powder coating. This not only resits salt and moisture, but it also prevents your metal panels from fading and becoming discolored. In addition, they come with a variety of styles and choices to pick from – including standing seam metal roofs, aluminum shingles and the like. 

The other big factor to consider? Aluminum roofing is more cost-effective to install, taking about half as much time and investment as more traditional steel roofing systems. This  means you get the durability and value-add of a traditional metal roof without the hassle and a less disruptive project. 

So are metal roofs still a reasonable investment if you live in a coastal community? Yes – so long as you choose the right material for the job! If you’ve got questions about aluminum roofs and you are looking for some guidance – feel free to give us a call today! Until then – we hope you found today’s blog helpful and good luck!

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