How to choose the right color for your metal roof

So you’ve decided to get a metal roof, you’ve chosen a contractor and you’ve even got an idea as to what kinds of panels you’ll be using. Now comes another important decision to make: what color do you want your roof to be?

And believe it or not – this is a big one!

There are practical issues to keep in mind as well as aesthetics – many of which we’ll be breaking down with you today. So here are some tips when it comes to choosing what color you’d like your metal roof to be. Let’s jump right in!

The practical

Always remember that your roof is more susceptible to the elements than any other feature of your home. Above all else it should be a given that it’ll likely experience some degree of wear and tear. When choosing a color, we’d recommend one that is going to resistant to ultraviolet light. Not only while this keep your home looking good throughout the duration of its life, but it’ll also save you the inevitable bill involved with coming back to touch it up. 

What effect are we going for?

There’s a lot more to your metal roof than just the sheen and the protection. There’s aesthetic value to consider too. How will the roof look like compared to the rest of your house? Will it maintain curb appeal? Both of these can impact the value of your overall home. Outside of the front door – studies say the condition of the roof is one of the first things prospective buyers will look at- so maintaining the good looks is important. 

Think long term

Choose a color you think will not only look good to you (this is your home, after all) but will also maintain its appeal long term. Make sure you’re choosing a color that you’ll be satisfied with well into the future. You could go bold – but ask yourself if you (or someone else) will like that color in say, 20 years. 

Don’t forget lighting

Lighting can cross people up when choosing a color. Don’t forget the color of the roof may seem good on paper but the amount of light your home receives could change things up quite a bit. Roofs can also look a little different in cloudy weather and at night- so just be mindful that just because it looks good under fluorescent lights at the store or online, doesn’t always mean that that’s the effect you’re going to get once natural light comes  into the equation. 

Hopefully today’s blog will help you make a little bit more of an informed decision when choosing the color of your roof. And as always, if you need metal roof clips or other metal roofing components – give us a call today and we’ll be happy to help. Until then – good luck!

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