Signs you might need a new roof

Every roof has its date with destiny – some sooner than others. Today, we’re going to talk about some of the signs to keep an eye out for that could mean it’s time to get a new roof. While biting the bullet and purchasing a new one isn’t ever easy, it’s a necessity but one worth being sure of.

Let’s jump right in!

Energy bill spikes

One of the most surefire signs that your roof’s best days are way behind it is that you’re noticing a sudden or steady increase in your energy bills. Whether it’s been a fast spike or gradual creep – it’s usually a sign something is up. Now this might not be exclusive to your roof. In fact, it could be an issue with your HVAC system. But if you check that out and notice that nothing’s changing, it might be deterioration in your roof. 

Curled and cracked shingles

The most obvious tell is almost always the state of a roof’s shingles. If they’re cracked or beginning to curl – it’s probably time. This becomes an issue because it’s easier for water to infiltrate the spaces between and cause leaks and even worse – wood rot. And when the wood under your shingles rots – that can add on an entirely new element of expense to your new roof. 

All that being said – while this is a surefire sign your roof is aging – it might not be a sign you need your roof replaced immediately – but definitely worth keeping an eye on and keeping it on your radar. 

Bald spots, missing shingles and, uh plant growth

Any instance where there’s some sort of roof exposure should be addressed as soon as possible but if you notice multiple missing shingles and entire bald spots on your roof – it’s usually a sure fire sign that your roof has lived past its usefulness. In addition if there’s plant growth – make sure you keep an eye on it. This can lead to mold, fungus and other deteriorative issues. This usually happens because of too much moisture in one part of the roof so be sure to have it cleared and looked at. 


If you’re looking for a new roof system, make sure you do your research and get multiple quotes from multiple reputable contractors. Ask for a portfolio, call references and the like. And as always, if you need metal roof clips or are considering purchasing a metal roof, by all means give us a call. Until then – good luck!

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