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Common metal roof maintenance tasks

So chances are if you’re the proud owner of a metal roof you don’t really want to be reading this because part of the reason you bought a metal roof to begin with was so you didn’t have to perform as much maintenance on it! We get it, we really do; but sadly yes – metal roofs do need some touching up now and then. 

Here are a few (minor) things that you can do that will not only keep your roof looking great, but have a big impact on the overall longevity of your roof as well. Let’s jump right in!


Metal roofs come with a high quality, resin-based finish which naturally makes them resistant to staining. That being said – depending on where you live – that finish can take a real beating. And sometimes you’ll see some signs of dirt, mildew and other stains develop over time. 

Lucky for you – these are super easy to remove and won’t leave any kind of lasting damage on your roof. Just use a sponge or soft-bristle brush. Dunk it in a warm water/mild dish soap solution and wham-o, you’ll be able to take care of those stains in no-time. The only warning we’d have is to just make sure you steer clear of any materials that could damage the roof’s coating. When you’re at the hardware store, just ask an attendant what you can use and you’ll be good to go. 


When you own a metal roof, cleaning out your gutters is one of the most important things you can do in order to maintain your roof’s longevity. Try to clean out your gutters on an annual/semi-annual basis, making sure that excess leaves and other debris are free of the gutters, themselves. You’ll want to make sure there aren’t any cracks in the gutters or that it’s not pulling away from the roof anywhere. Especially if you’re in an area where there’s colder weather, this can prevent things like ice dams from forming and prevents any potential warping at the edges of your roof.

Standing water

Standing water isn’t usually too much of an issue when it comes to metal roofs, but it’s something to be aware of. Most of the time when it is – it just comes down to the pitch of your roof. Try to not let water sit for too long. Even with metal roofs, enough water can become a big problem and could breed mold or mildew over time. So if you’ve got a roof with a lower grade and pitch, just be on the lookout for it. 

If you want to learn more about how to properly maintain your metal roof or purchase replacement parts, be sure to give us a call today. Good luck!

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Getting to know your metal roof clips: Expansion and Contraction Clips

Metal roof clips are some of the most important components of your roofing system – but they’re also one of the most overlooked. Choosing the right kind of metal roof clip is essential towards ensuring that you get the most out of metal roof.

In the next few months, we’re going to be discussing the different kinds of metal roof clips on the market – what they do and why they’re useful. This month, we’ll be starting off with expansion and contraction clips. Let’s jump right in!

What is it?

Expansion and contraction clips are fastened to the deck of a home and has a moveable, sliding piece that attaches to a metal roof panel before seaming occurs. This is important because it allows thermal movement – which all metal roofing systems need. They also have a secondary identification – and you’ll find that some pros refer to them as ‘butterfly clips.’

When do you use it?

Expansion and contraction clips are used in roofing systems that have some sort of mechanical seaming. Every metal roofing system gets warm and cold and with that ongoing cooling and heating – comes expansion and contraction – just like anything else in your home. Long story, short – your panels wouldn’t be able to expand and contract without these clips and it could cause rupturing in the seaming as well as warping and other defects.

What should you consider?

While expansion and contraction clips are incredible assets to have and in some cases – required assets; the truth is they’re on the more expensive end of the cost spectrum for metal roof clips. This is particularly true when compared to fixed clips. In addition – these clips aren’t always assembled when they’re purchased – so every piece has to be put together by hand. This can add to labor costs and must be considered. However – the flexibility – literally and figuratively that the clips afford homeowners – is certainly worth the additional expense if said home owner can afford it.

In the coming months we’ll be covering a variety of metal roof clips – including Fixed Clips, Floating clips, Batten Clips and the like. If you’re unsure of which clip to use for your next big roofing project, give our team a call and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation. Until then – good luck!

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What’s so great about copper roofing?

In recent years, copper roofing has come into vogue with both contractors and home owners alike. It’s hard to blame them- not only does it look great and last a long time, but it can also be formed into different profiles to fit the needs of your home.

If you’re considering copper roofing for your next home remodel, give this blog a read as today we’ll be exploring the pros and cons of this type of metal roof and what it can do for you. Let’s jump right in.

The pros

Just like with most styles of metal roofs, copper roofs come with a whole swath of advantages. The first of which is the aesthetic that they bring to a home. Depending on the option of the person you’re talking to, copper is considered one of the most attractive options on the market. Adding it as a roofing material significantly enhances its curb appeal and value.

The second advantage is its versatility. Whether its shingles or tiles or even custom shapes – copper can be formed any way you’d like it to be. It makes it a uniquely useful product, specifically with regards to finding a good fit for one-of-a-kind roofs that present interesting building challenges. IN addition, copper is a substantially lighter metal relative to others – meaning it puts less stress on your home – especially during times where it’s carrying excess weight due to snow, protracted rainfall, etc.

The final key advantage for a copper roof is its lifespan and performance. There’s a reason church’s and other big buildings use copper as their roofing material of choice. It keeps out mildew and extreme weather. It doesn’t catch fire and in some cases, can last decades with minimal upkeep. In addition, it’s also good at reflecting light as opposed to absorbing it – which helps the house improve its energy efficiency by lowering heating and cooling costs.

The cons

The only meaningful drawback to owning a copper roof is the up-front cost – which is significant. Copper is a premium material that comes loaded with all of the benefits we listed above. It’s also best installed by a quality roofing professional – which will also add to the cost. That being said, if you’re thinking of staying in your home long-term, a copper room should be seen as a large, one-time investment. Once it’s installed, you rarely if ever need to worry about maintenance and you won’t be stuck in some sort of roof replacement cycle that applies to people who use asphalt shingles and the like.


Hopefully this blog can give you better insight into the pros and cons of purchasing and installing a copper roof. If you need help with metal roof clips or other installation materials – call or have you contractor give us a call today! Good luck!


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How to prepare for a roof replacement

The period of time where a roof is getting installed can be a little hectic and messy around your home. Things are flying off the roof, people are in and out, you’ll see dumpsters, trucks and all sorts of other craziness. In order to cope, you’ll need to be prepared. Doing so, will make the entire process that much easier on you, your family and the workers.

This week, we’re going to discuss four things you should do before your roof is going to be replaced. Let’s jump right in!

If you have kids, particularly young ones

Then you’ll want to make sure you go over what’s going to be happening! Roof replacement can be noisy, hectic and a little dangerous for kids – so be sure that you sit them down and explain to them what’s going to be happening, what is expected of them and what you need them to be aware of for their own safety. And while it might pain them temporarily, it’s probably a good idea to keep all play indoors.


You might want to consider sending your pets on a temporary ‘vacation’ during the roof install. There will be so many noises and new people around that the entire experience can stress out pets perhaps more than anyone. So if the in-laws or friends can take your pets for a day, it’s probably best that you try to make that accommodation. If they can’t, then we’d suggest perhaps a doggy daycare.

Be mindful of where you’re parking

You might be giggling a little bit, but you’d be surprised at the number of horror stories you’d hear about people who had stuff thrown and or had fallen on their cars because of where they parked them. Not only do you need to worry about the safety of your car, but you also need to take the rest of your home into consideration. Leave the driveway open for your contactors so they can park dumpsters, trucks and other equipment. That way, you won’t have people driving all over your lawn and damaging other areas of your property.

Secure the outdoors

If you have deck furniture – store it away for a few days. If you have nice potted plants, find them a new home for a week. Clear out any obstructions so that workers can get to the areas of your home they need to get to. And that’s just before the roof is done. Once it’s complete, make sure you do another walkthrough around your property to check for loose debris, nails or anything else that could cause a problem. Most companies are great about cleanup, but inevitably something could have been left behind. Don’t let it cost you!

Should you have any questions about metal roof clips, components or parts, give us a call today for a free consultation. Hopefully, your install will go off without a hitch! Good luck!

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The financial benefits of owning a metal roof

While different kinds of roofs provide a wide range of benefits depending on the makeup of your house, at the end of the day – choosing a roof is ultimately a financial decision. When it comes to metal roofs – that decision can be a little more expensive up front, but certainly saves you a lot of money over the long haul.

Here are some of the financial benefits of investing in a metal roof and what kind of value that investment will provide you with as the years roll by. Let’s jump right in!

Increased home value

Metal roofs are more durable, they’re more weather resistant, they’re easier to maintain and they’ll last a lot longer than other roofing systems. To put it simply – that is a huge benefit for a potential buyer – but  benefit that comes at a cost to them as well. Homes with metal roofs are inherently more valuable and if you’re looking to put your house on the market in the coming months, you should account for your roof in your home’s overall value.

Most studies have shown that on average- a metal roof can add up to about 65% of it’s cost to a home’s overall value. That’s nothing to sneeze at!

Dramatically reduced maintenance

As we pointed out above, one of the major benefits of having metal roof is that you won’t encounter many to any of the usual roof maintenance headaches you’d have using other roofing systems. Things like leaks, frying and other issues don’t happen with metal roofs. And that’s not just from a functionality standpoint, either. Metal roofs also can take a real beating and still maintain their stellar appearance.

Month to month

Metal roofs provide a sort of financial ripple effect throughout the rest of your budget – and that fact remains one of the reason they’ve become so popular. The area you’re likely to see the biggest difference is in your energy bill. Metal roofs seal much better, making it easier to keep both cold and warm air inside your home – meaning that your HVAC system won’t have to work nearly as hard to keep your home at the desired temperature. Less work, means less money.


Metal roofs are truly an investment. From their long-standing durability, reduced maintenance costs and month-to-month benefits that they provide, they’re certainly more than worth their steep cost up front. That money will soon be recouped.

To learn more about whether a metal roof is for you or to find out more about our systems, metal roof clips and other roofing products, feel free to give us a call today for a free consultation. Good luck!

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What should be in a roofing estimate?

So you’ve made the decision to move forward and get some estimates and now it’s time to review them and possibly make a decision. You’ve held several meetings and taken part in numerous correspondences and now that the contractor’s ready, you’ve got yourself a run down of what will be done, how much it will cost and the like.

But how do you know what you’ve got in your hands has what it should have on it? After all – this is probably your first time. That’s what we’re here to discuss today – what you should be looking for in your roof estimate. Let’s jump right in.

Permitting, licensing and insurance

Most first time renovators don’t realize that you’ll have to acquire building permits in order to install a new roof. Be sure your contractor has that in line in addition to the proper insurances and licenses in order to do the job. The permits and licenses will give you the reassurance that they meet all the requirements for providing you with the service. The insurance will protect you if something happens during the project.

A summary of the project

Long story, short – this is the nuts and bolts portion of the estimate. It’s the plan as to how the contractor will proceed with the project. This is important as well – because you’ll be able to review this and see if there’s any discrepencies between what you’ve discussed with your contractor and what is on paper. It’s important to make sure you’re both pulling from the same side of the rope.


Any good estimate should have a list that precisely presents what’s going to be needed to build the roof and what they cost. This is a place where it’s advisable for you to assert yourself, as well. Make sure you ask for not only the materials and the price, but ask for the estimate in digital form so you can scope things out for yourself online.

Payment terms

This is the painful but necessary part! The estimate should not only inform you as to what the total cost of the project will be – but also give you a crystal clear idea about what you do to prepare the fees and how to pay them. Usually deposit is about one-third of the contract price.


Providing your clients with a complete and comprehensive estimate is a must. If some of these things aren’t included, then it will give you a good idea of who you’re working with. Good luck!

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Preparing your metal roof for the winter

No one wants to hear this, but now that the leaves are beginning to fall, it’s a matter of time before winter is here. And as per the usual, whether you’re in the north dealing with the ice and snow, or down here in the south with the constant rain and salty air – the elements are back to challenge your home once more.

The important part is making sure your home is prepared for it all and that begins with sticking to your usual fall maintenance plan. Metal roofs can take a beating – and that’s the reason you bought one. But making sure they’re capable of providing the best protection possible is important.

Here are some things you can do to not only get your roof ready for the winter weather, but also to put your roof in the best possible position to do what it does best.


Minimize the accumulation of debris

While rain and snow can rinse away a lot of detritus, certain configurations make it impossible for that to happen. That means you’ll have to clean off the roof from time to time. Just be careful about how you do it. For example, If your debris is built up in a particular place – then shooting water to clean it out isn’t the best idea. Why? Because the water will pool and won’t be able to escape. That could cause rusting and a whole host of headaches.

Just be sure to keep as much debris as possible off your roof and make sure things stay that way.

Make sure branches are clear of your roof

Constant abrasions from tree branches and bushes can really do a number on your metal roof’s finish. If the branches are sharp or big enough – they could do even more damage. Just be sure they’re trimmed back and not over or brushing up against your roof system.

Gutter cleaners are a must

We mentioned this last month – but it bears repeating. Backed up gutters can cause just as many problems for a metal roof as they do a traditional one, so be sure to keep them clean and clear. Clogged gutters can cause corrosion on a roof that would otherwise last 100 years if there was proper drainage, so make sure things are clear!

Not the time to paint

By all means – keep the paint sprayer away from your roof. Don’t use it paint the outside of your home and most def. don’t allow it on your roof. It can run, get caught in the wind and then almost nothing effective can be done to clean it off. To boot – it can ruin the base function of your roof if it has some sort of treatment coating on top.


Stick to these tips and you should be in the best possible position to beat back Jack Frost and have a comfortable, worry free winter. Good luck!

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The hidden benefits of metal roofs

Metal roofs are an excellent addition to your home almost no matter what, but here are some off the radar reasons for you to think about taking the plunge and buying one that you might not think of at first.


Cost control


Because metal roofs don’t really degrade the way most roofing materials do – a properly installed and inspected metal roof will end the worry as to what or when you’ll set a roofing budget again. Metal roofs often last for 30 or more years, so the likelihood of you having to worry about making another investment will be eliminated over the long terms. Especially if you’ve invested in your forever home, this will be a good way to maximize your profit over the long haul.


Lower weight


As structures get older, the lower weight of a metal roof can help guard against the movement of a particular structure – especially in areas where you might have to grapple with the possibility of seismic activity. Metal roofs are the lowest weight residential options on the market today and can allow you to not only install over any other surface material, but avoid having to un-install other materials like asphalt, shingle and the like.


Recycled content


Depending on the product you choose, a metal roof should be made from recycled content at a 35-95% clip. Not only is this good for the environment and save energy – but in the long run, when a metal roof finally outlives its own usefulness, the roof itself will be readily recyclable.

Peace of mind

Most metal roofs rely on things like failure-prone sealants and chemicals in order to function at a high level – especially in places like flashings, dead valleys and transitions. With metal roofing, you won’t have to worry about these issues as they’re far less prone to gaps, breaks and the like.

Beauty and aesthetics

Not many people put metal roofs and ‘looking good’ in the same sentence, but especially as environmentally conscious design becomes more and more in vogue, people are rethinking how they see metal roofs as a component that’s essential to aesthetic beauty. In places like northern New England, the upper Midwest and the like – places where snow is a fact of day to day life and architecture – designers are now paying attention to things like how to maximize the attractiveness of metal roofs and finding ways to present them in spectacular new ways. Metal roofs used to just be a thing that was a mater of function. Now they’re a matter of form as well.

Identifying the pros and cons of a metal roof for your home really just comes down to weighing the totality of your options. If you’re looking for something that last longer and adds ultimate value to your home over a long, extended period of time, then a metal roof may be for you.

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A Metal Roof Mandate?

So an interesting bit of news struck earlier this month in our home state – where in Monroe County, Florida, local city and county officials decided to propose a metal roof mandate for homes.

The decision comes on the heels of the county having been hit by several storms over the years, causing residents and officials to think longer and harder about the roof over their heads. In addition, after Irma hit and the city surveyed the damage, they found that metal roofs held up far better than traditional roofs did.

Metal roofs come with a variety of advantages – including longer lifespans (40 to 70 years), more energy efficiency and stronger performance during storms. In certain cases, you can purchase metal roofs that have up to 140mph wind ratings which allows them to survive even an F2 tornado. When the overall aversion to moisture is taken into account, they’re as good a bet in a hurricane as one can get.

This will be an interesting proposal to follow as talks evolve – as over 50 million people in the United States live along a hurricane-prone coastline and with changes to the climate in recent years, big storms aren’t just becoming a coastal problem anymore. With heat waves, droughts, nuisance flooding, wildfire and a storm surges become more and more commonplace, communities are attempting to prepare themselves as best as they can.

In addition to climate concerns, the demand in general for more durable, longer lasting materials in home construction is on the rise. Metal roofs certainly fall into that category – allowing home owners to save on energy costs, especially in extreme temperatures. In addition, they provide homes with better fire protection and reduced damage.

With the rise in nasty weather occurring all across the country – expect conversations much like the one being had in Monroe County – to keep popping up more and more. We’ll keep following the story and give you an update when we have one. How do you feel about this proposal? Do you think it’s a smart, forward thinking proposal that could benefit people in the long run? Or do you think its an overreach on the part of local officials that could cause undue cost onto taxpayers? Share your thoughts below!

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Why warm weather metal roofs are coming into vogue

People commonly associate metal roofs with colder climates. Take a ride through a state like Vermont – and your landscape changes quickly. Gone are the ornate, classic New England roofs you’d find in Massachusetts and before you is house after house with a metal roof. We think snow, sturdy, all of it.

But metal roofs are not only practical in warm weather environments – they’re becoming increasingly popular in them, too. Just taking a stroll around the Clearwater area where we’re based out of – and you’ll see metal roofs popping up almost every other block.

Why is this and is it a passing fad or something you should seriously consider?

The first reason people like metal roofs in warm climates is the same reason they like them in cold ones – metal roofs are durable. Not only can they take a pounding from the cold stuff – but they fend off a lot of hazards in warmer climates as well. They don’t break and crack under the pressure of a more intense sun. They can endure extreme amounts of sunlight and not wear in color. They’re also built tough to withstand more extreme situations like hurricanes and storm damage. Simply put, they don’t fall victim to the leaks and wind that other systems do.

The second reason is fire safety. In warm climates like ours, roofing materials tend to dry out and lose much of their fire resistance. This simply isn’t the case with metal – which creates a long lasting barrier against airborne sparks, extreme heat and the like.

Energy efficiency is another reason metal roofs are so popular. In warm climates, you frequently have to stay cool – and staying cool often means running you’re a/c constantly. That means higher electrical bills and if your house isn’t particularly efficient and keeping the cool inside – living in places like this can get pricey. Metal roofs insulate better and beat back the heat even better than that. Which means you’ll stay cooler and spend less.

The last major consideration people have been making is the overall cleanliness of metal roofing systems. Sounds a little silly on its face – after all we don’t usually think of roofs as a source of grime – but in places like Florida, it’s an important consideration.

Many roofing materials will present long, nasty black streaks in particularly humid areas. This is algae. Not only is it a fungus, but it can do an incredible amount of damage to your roof if you’re not careful. Metal roofs don’t maintain the moisture and prove to be an unfriendly home for a lot of these baddies. Not only does it make your home look better – but shores up areas of the structure we wouldn’t otherwise consider.

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