Does the color of my roof matter?

So hypothetically you’ve navigated through the process, weighed the pros and cons, chosen a contractor and figured out the money. You’re buying a metal roof. But now comes the important question! What color do you choose and is that color meaningful?

And yes – believe it or not – this is a serious question and actually has serious answers to it. And thus, the topic of our blog this week – the ways in which the color of your roof can mean a lot for your home.

The first aspect should be obvious to most – and that’s that the color of the roof can effect the aesthetic, look and curb appeal of your house. A purple roof on a yellow house might throw some people off. Red and Blue works great on flags and sports uniforms. Will it work on your house, though? Eh – probably not. And choosing a color in that regard is important. What people think about your home and the assumptions they have about the folks who inhabit it can impact the overall value of your property. So keep it in mind.

Aside from the seemingly superficial though – there are scientific reasons that may drive your choice. Believe it or not – color can impact the energy performance of your roof – especially in the case of metal roofs.

What makes some colors warmer or cooler is what we in the roofing industry refer to as ‘reflective pigment technology’ and rest assured when we tell you – it’s been a real game changer. Light colors like whites, grays and tans outperform darker colors in keeping heat out of attic spaces, but thanks to RPT, dark colors even meet energy star standards for solar reflectivity. Some colors have been thought to have reduced summer electric costs by as much as 20% – and that’s nothing to sneeze at.

Now there’s some other ‘under the hood’ pieces to consider here – some of which are better off reviewed with your roofer – but just because the color is light and matches your house, doesn’t mean it’s a slam dunk bet long term. White roofs for example – well get dirty over time and lose that reflectivity. So there are pros and cons to picking particular colors.

And speaking of your roofer – ask them their opinions. Most of them have done a zillion of these and will at least free you of the choice paralysis you’ve been in by giving you some practical options you may find appealing. Don’t be afraid to lean on them. Good luck the rest of the way and congratulations on your new roof!



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