Five types of metal roofs

When people think about metal roofs – they make the mistake of just assuming that they’re all the same thing. Contrary to popular belief, there are dozens of styles of metal roofing products – and all of them can meet your tastes, needs or budget.

Metal roofs are a significant investment – but one that can provide a lot of savings over time. Choosing the right roof for your home could save you even more money! Here’s some of what’s out there and what makes each one unique. Let’s jump right in!

Standing seam roofs

The most expensive roof on the market – standing seams are hemmed every foot or two and don’t have any exposed fasteners on the roof. The benefit is that it’s an incredible roof. The downside? They’ll cost you a pretty penny.

CF Panel Roofs

Just like a standing seam roof, the fasteners are concealed and feature a joint lock system that makes your roof look clean and sleek. Use the right paint and these roofs have an incredible aesthetic appeal to them.

AP Panel Roofs

AP Panel roofs have the same LOOK of standing seams, but they’re a whole heck of a lot cheaper. These sheets offer homeowners a lot of durability, they look great and just like their more expensive cousins – will save you a lot on your energy bills and home owner’s insurance. They’re very popular in residential units, but in recent years – are becoming increasingly popular in commercial construction.

U Panel Roofs

U Panels are heavy roofs – as they’re made out of 26-gauge steel. People who want the benefits of metal roofs without taking the full-blown leap off the financial cliff prefer this model as they can be installed directly over existing shingle roof – which saves a lot of time, lots of labor and cost.

R-Panels Roofs

R-Panel roofs are super low maintenance and a nice alternative to a conventional roof. They’re most commonly used for retrofitting over existing comp shingles, which means you’ll save a boatload of money. The other perk to this panel is that the colors are fairly customizable, so the roof will look good.

Regardless of what model you want for your home or building, it’s important to remember that you’ll be spending a little money, that you’ll likely recoup the money via savings in the long run and that it’s an investment worth pursuing. Do your homework, speak with your contractor – and get the model that fits your situation the best. Good luck!

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