Four things to remember when purchasing a new roof

When deciding to get a roof, there are a lot of things to consider. We recommend putting together a fundamental list of criteria for choosing which roof is right for your home – both from a functional standpoint and from an aesthetic one.

Here are some of the things you should consider:


This might seem like a no-brainer but you’d be surprised. Your roof affords both you and your family with a lot of protection and for that reason alone its value shouldn’t be taken lightly. People often confuse the overall durability and lifespan of a roof with its warranty – which is incorrect. But you also don’t see many non-metal roofing systems lasting 30 years. No one wants to have to pay for a roof more than they have to – so taking this factor into consideration is one of the most important.

Wind resistance

For us folks who live in the Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL area – this needs to be on your list. We deal with a variety of tropical events – ranging from simple windstorms all the way through to hurricanes – and those events can have a tremendous effect on our homes. Roofs and their resiliency to wind in particular – is an enormous component of the decision making process.

Fire safety

Especially in warmer areas or any place where wildfires may come into play – fire resistance can play an important part in the decision making process. When buying a roof, you need to think of fire resistance in the macro – meaning that you need to not only think about the roof’s fire resistance now, but also rather – what it will be in a few years. Products that dry out over time become increasingly less fire resistant with age. In addition, in the event your building does catch on fire, a low weight roof can help protect your home while allowing firefighters to make their way inside to potentially save your home.

Aesthetic/home value

We put these two together because they go together. If your roof looks bad, it will adversely affect your home, as much – if not more – than a roof with structural issues will from a dollars and cents perspective. There are a variety of classical roofing systems out there – especially in the case of metal roof systems – which are making it more and more difficult for people to turn away, in spite of the initially high price tag. This is more the fun part of the roof purchasing process, but know that you’re doing something important as well!

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