Metal Roof Supplies Go Green

clipsPeople often ask us, “Why are some types of Precision Fasteners’ metal roof clips painted?” The answer is simple.

When you order painted metal roofing panels, the maker trims off the edges in the process. This waste material used to be recycled back into metal, which used energy to remove the paint, melt it down, and reform it back into something useful.

metal roof supplies
waste from making roof panels

Precision Fasteners buys this material and uses it to manufacture metal roof supplies such as clips to fasten the panels together. This helps us to keep the cost down and allows us to sell products at lower prices.

It’s expensive to recycle this material after you factor in the cost of transportation, paint removal, and re-melting. All this uses electricity, fuel, and other resources, which causes more pollution into the environment.

At Precision Fasteners, we prefer to re-purpose this material into metal roof supplies that actually last longer than bare metal, and it saves a considerable amount of energy and waste. This is an example of using ingenuity – to create new products by utilizing the waste of others.  And, it will help keep our environment cleaner into the future for our kids and grandkids.

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