Metal roof maintenance tips every homeowner should know

While there’s no doubt that the metal roof lasts longer than just about any other roof you can possibly use – they still do need to be looked after now and then. After all, no material is 100% failsafe or perfect. When it comes to maintaining a metal roof – many of the same rules apply to normal roofs – especially when it comes to simple around the house inspection.

Here are some tips every home owner should consider to make sure they get the most out of their roof.

Trees and brush are a no-no

Usually trees and brush only cause aesthetic issues like paint scraping or fading colors, but occasionally – if left unchecked – they can cause issues. With wind and a branch that’s heavy enough, it’s possible that your roof could be damaged well beyond simple surface damage. So make sure your branches are trimmed back and you don’t have any unnecessary growth near your roof.

Clear out debris

Rain and snow regularly wash away most debris on your metal roof – so in all likelihood, you’re already ahead of the game compared to most. But every now and then – especially with roofs that have deep valleys, you’ll need to clean them out from time to time. We recommend window-cleaning brushes with soft bristles. It don’t take much, but the last thing you want is water accumulating in that valley and then getting in under the roof. Water pressurizers can work, too – but so as to avoid any potential scuffing, we recommend the old brush.

Keep your gutters clean

Clean gutters help avoid a lot of problems, not just roof-related – so you should be doing this regularly anyway. But just like any roof – too much build up can damage a metal roof. It can cause corrosion and set you back a pretty penny if the water finds its way under the panels. So make sure they’re cleaned out every season.

Do not spray paint

Spray paint clouds all over metal roofs. It’d be horrible on your part to make that kind of an investment in your property and then have a painter casually spray paint and have it wear all over large portions of your roof. This is more aesthetic than structural, but a bad paint job or a haphazard one – can make it look awful. If you do hire a painter, have them use a brush or rollers.

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