Metal Roofing Supplies Save Time & Money

How Extra Metal Roofing Supplies Save Time and Money

Precision Fasteners and Components LLC understands how important it is for Clearwater Florida Metal supply roofers need to have the right amount of materials to complete a job. Preparation will help you save time, money and create a stress-free work environment. When your customers give you a call to replace a roof or make updates, get ready in advance by ordering extra metal roofing supplies by calling 1-800-985-2880.

Why You Need Extra Metal Roofing Supplies

  • When you are working on a job, and the customer has a specific finish or color, finding materials to match it might be difficult. Hold onto the materials and call Precision Fasteners and Components LLC to find out if there is a match for you to complete the repairs.
  • If you are on the job and your metal roofing supplies run out of stock, you have to delay the job to order new parts. Rather than waiting for materials in the mail and potentially leaving the customers roof open to weather damage, present yourself as a professional organization.
  • Maximize the work efforts of your roofers and save money if a customers shingles come loose.

Metal Roofing Supplies to Bring to Every Job

Do you know which supplies are a necessity? The Precision Fasteners and Components team of experienced roofers provided the following list:

  • Fixed Clips
  • Slider Assemblies
  • Bearing Plates
  • DEKTITE Pipe Flashings
  • Precision tm Drop in Gutter Outlet
  • RE2 tm Light Weight Spacer
  • Magnetic Nut Drivers

 The Metal Roofing Supplies Company to Call

Call us at 1-800-985-2880 to find out more about our metal roofing supplies inventory to get your roofers on the road and put smiles on customers faces. Our website shows a list of inventory of tools, accessories, clips and screws of the finest quality. Our track record reflects that our company is affordable and efficient.

Re-using roofing materials is the last decision you want to make. Make the most of your day and save money.


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