Metal Roofing urban legends

Metal roofs have undergone somewhat of a PR overhaul in the last 10 years or so. Often seen as cumbersome and expensive – they’ve become seen as long term investment pieces for homeowners-  with the aesthetic and functional value really beginning to show out in recent years. 

However, there are still some rumors out there – and beliefs that seemingly won’t die. Today, we’re going to discuss some of those urban legends and why you shouldn’t pay them any heed. Let’s jump right in!

Metal roofs get hot and don’t insulate homes well

This one doesn’t really seem that implausible. Metal gets hot in the summer and to the naked eye – the gaps in seaming can make it appear that yes, air could likely leak out. But just because it’s seemingly plausible doesn’t make it so. 

In fact – metal roofs do a better job on insulating your home than any other roofing system. So whether you’re in the warm air like down here in Tampa, FL or up north – you’ll be able to keep your home at the desired temperature. 

How it works is fairly straight-forward. In the day – metal roofs will reflect much of the radiation that would otherwise get absorbed by other roofing systems. This makes for a more consistent temperature throughout your home. It makes for a roof that’s not so hot in the day, not so cold at night – if anything, it’s simply more consistent. 

Metal roofs are lighting rods

You can quite literally read a mountain of peer reviewed research at this point that tells you this is scientifically incorrect. What makes thinking this even more crazy is that in the very rare event your home DOES get hit by lighting, the metal roof almost grounds your home and distributes the electricity more evenly and safely throughout your structure – making it an infinitely better and safe option in lighting storms than other roofing systems. 

In fact most fires caused by lightning largely depend on where they strike the home. And if it hits a metal roof, then, well – metal isn’t combustible nor is it flammable. So if you’re worried about weather – trust us – you’re good!

Metal roofs are still incredibly cost-prohibitive

Look, nobody here or anywhere else is going to tell you metal roofs are in the ‘affordable’ category of roofing systems. They’re still not, but they also probably shouldn’t be. But in spite of a high price tag, homeowners still get an incredible amount of bang for their buck. There’s the old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ and while asphalt roofs come with the lower up-front price tag – you’ll have to pay for a new one 2-4 times before your metal roof even shows signs of wear and tear – a pretty significant difference! 

The other factor to take into consideration is the global financial crisis. Materials aren’t what they used to be and particularly when it comes to petroleum-based products like asphalt shingles – cost is significantly higher than usual while metal roofs are mostly holding in-line with historical norms. 

Simply put – everyone’s budget is their budget. But if you can afford it – the long term value of a metal roof system is hard to overlook. 

We hope you found today’s blog helpful! If you need metal roof clips or are in need of supplies for your metal roof, give us a call today. Until then – good luck! 

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