Saving money on your new metal roof

When it comes time to get a new roof, no one wants to pay max price, but they also don’t want to sacrifice quality. Metal roofs are a great choice if you want a quality product that’ll last a long time. While the investment is certainly worth it – it’s also not cheap and that’s the focus of today’s blog. This month, we’ll help you find some ways to save money on your next metal roof.

Ask about their inventory

A lot of manufacturers make more material than they sell. Roofers are no different. In fact, you may want to go directly to the roofer’s distributor. Why? Because when you make too much of something it’s almost like a stock – except the longer you have it in this case, the more its value goes down. Simply call the supplier directly and ask them what they have for inventory. And if you subscribe to those vendor’s Facebook and or blogs – you might even get in on some blow out sales and save a lot of money on your next roof.

Buy it immediately

While prices may dip – they don’t always stay that way. Urgency and offloading the material is what motivates sellers, so don’t spend much time beating around the bush. If you put that kind of effort into finding a great deal – don’t let it slip away!

Game plan with the installer

Installation and labor can cost as much as the material itself believe it or not. So make a plan on the installation at the very beginning of the process. Line up your installer, game plan with them and set your budget early on.

Order it all

The one thing that’s really unique about metal roofs is that it’s the only roofing material that you can basically make all the accessories out of the same material as the roofing material itself. Trust us when we tell you that while it’s not mandatory that you grab every single accessory on the market – it’s good to order the ones you do want to use – all at the same time. It’ll save aggravation and money later on down the road.

Why? Because later on when you do want these add-ons, you’ll have to find the right ones that are compatible with your roof and it’ll just cost you more money. Buy the essentials before hand.

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