Should you move on from your asphalt roof?

Whether you’re investing in a metal roof or not, any time you’re considering replacing a roof is a time where you’ll have a lot on your plate! Not only do you need to choose the right material, but you’ll have to plan the project out, figure our how you’ll pay for it, find a good contractor and make sure it fits into the lives of everyone in your household.

That being said – what needs to be done needs to be done and when it comes time to do so – you might be considering replacing your asphalt roof. There are many reasons to transition from more traditional roofing materials into newer, more durable materials like metal roofing panels – and that’s what we’re going to be discussing today.

Here are some of the reasons you should consider trading in your asphalt roof and upgrading to metal. Let’s jump right in!

Water damage

Whether your roof is leaking from ice or from rain, metal roofs insure that you probably won’t ever have to deal with water damage again. Over time, asphalt tiles wear and warp, exposing the underbelly of your roof to the elements. Snow, ice and rain can seep underneath and create plenty of problems. Because metal roofs offer panels instead of shingles, this is something you’ll never have to worry about again.

Roof damage

When shingles begin to dislodge on your home, it’s a telltale sign of two things: Either it’s poor workmanship and the roof was installed improperly OR it’s that your roof is old and brittle. There’s also a third potential cause for shingles detaching from a roof is that the sun is generating too much heat on your shingles and due to inadequate ventilation – the shingles dry out quickly and become succeptable to damage. Regardless of those issues – it’s probably time for a new roof.

Metal roof systems – conversely – don’t deal with these issues. They maintain hot and cold air and don’t warp over time. They’re built tough and do a much better job of resisting the elements.

Mold, rot and decay

When it comes to asphalt roofs – you’ll always have to deal with mold, rot and decay. Not only can this damage your roof, but it also looks bad as well. Over time, these things can build up and can cause all sorts of issues ranging from warping shingles to deeply diminishing your home’s curb appeal. On top of it all – the cost to clean the shingles is expensive and frankly, not worth it.

With metal roofing systems, it’s next to impossible for molds and funguses and other materials to grow into and on your panels. That’s not to say you won’t see some deterioration. Particularly in warm weather areas – roof color can fade a bit if the sun is intense enough. However, if installed properly, roofs should maintain their overall appearance for a long, long time.

If you’re looking at the possibility of moving on from your asphalt roof, it’s important that you take your time, do your homework and hire the right contractor. And if you need materials, don’t forget about us! Until then – good luck and hopefully these tips will help make your decision a little bit easier!

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