Six keys to a quality metal roof

We don’t cut corners when we tell you that our product is great, but it’s also expensive. It’s an investment – and as such, we try to make sure that our customers feel confident about their purchase knowing that they’re buying a high-quality product.

Unfortunately, a lot of jobs these days come from roofs that aren’t of high quality – or weren’t installed properly. When contractors and suppliers cut corners – it only leads to disappointment. This happens though – because customers aren’t educated on what they keys are to a quality metal roof; or more precisely – the things you should look for and ask about that ensures you’re buying a quality product.

Here is a brief list of the things every customer should be asking their contractor or supplier before signing on the dotted line and employing them to install their roof. Let’s jump right in.



This might surprise some people, but not all metal roof manufacturers make the same thing. Some specialize in commercial roofs and storage; others in residential. Make sure that the roof you’re buying comes from a manufacturer with a credible reputation in making the kind of roof you’re looking for.


Warranties are important and can save you a ton of headaches. Ask your contractors what warranties they offer – but also ask about the manufacturer’s warranties as well and whether you qualify. Even when your contractors are outstanding and the product you purchase comes highly recommended, accidents and defects can still happen. If they do, then you know you’re protected.


Beyond the metal itself, you’re going to want to make yourself somewhat familiar with the different kinds of metal roof coating that’s out there. This will tell you what each one does, how It does it and whether it’s a key ingredient for what you need or not.

Product design

Simply put – this is all about style. Does it mesh with your home or building? How much does it weight, is it feasible for your structure, does it go with the style of your neighborhood? All these things are deeply important, aesthetic questions to ask.

Testing and approvals

Once you have an idea of the product you’re most interested in purchasing, it’s important that your contractor or manufacturer be able to provide you with any testing and/or seals of approval that the roof may have undergone or won. This will let you know whether it’s truly a great product and even give you deeper insight into what the roof does and doesn’t do well.

And lastly

It’s important to know whether the people you’re hiring are reputable, certified, and experienced. It’s doubly important to know whether their employees are properly trained. DO YOUR HOMEWORK on who you want to do your work.


Keep these tips in mind as you’re going through the process of choosing a metal roof and you can rest assured that you’ll be getting a great product that’s worth the investment and being installed by someone you can depend on. Good luck!

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