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Clearwater Florida Metal Roofing Supply: More About Precision & Components L.L.C.

Quality metal roofing materials and our company go hand and hand. Precision Fasteners was opened in 1978 by Ralph Hoffstetter and his son Greg. As leaders in the Clearwater Florida metal roofing supply industry that believes in quality, Ralph and Greg has both been President of the National Tooling and Machining Association for 30 years as well as being 30 yearlong members of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.


Quality in metal roofing materials is one of our specialties. We have designed, developed and tested many of the metal roofing clips and screws that are a part of industry standards nationwide. For many areas with high wind conditions (i.e., hurricanes and other storm areas), we have been involved in the testing of Clearwater Florida metal roofing supply materials to determine the exact point of “complete failure”. The goal is always to exceed the ASTM-E1592 tests that are conducted in an engineering laboratory. Here, a pressure test on the materials is conducted, roof panels are secured over a metal test chamber, inflated with pressure and are positioned to relax on the chamber. The engineer can determine the wind uplift limits of the roof. Find out more about our materials by giving us a call today!

Here are a few products that we have to offer:


Please call us at 1-800-985-2880 for pallet/bulk or container pricing discounts. Remember, the more you purchase at one time the more you save on freight.

Low Profile Ridge Vent for Agricultural, Commercial and Standing Seam Panels:

  • Lower custom fit profile
  • Moisture and pest barrier
  • Reduces utility costs
  • Pre-coated double bead of M63 adhesive
  • Easy one-person installation


Precision Fasteners ships inventory on time from Clearwater, Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Chicago, Illinois. Up to date inventory is maintained and shipped on the same day of an order with special orders shipping the week of the order. Inventories are not just the metal clips, but also screws, rivets, tools and other products needed to install metal roof clips. Currently 75% of shipments are domestic and 25% international which means we have Clearwater Florida metal roofing supply materials for everyone.

Precision Fasteners can be your “single source provider” for metal roofing materials. Three U.S locations, international connections, local distributors, one day shipping for stock products and only one week turnaround for specials. These related products are all high-quality, time tested items, sold at very competitive prices – up to 75% less than what major competitors are charging. Make Precision Fasteners your one stop source for high quality metal roofing materials!

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