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10 Helpful Ways to Get Ready for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season in Florida is here and is expected to end in October. We know from experience in the Clearwater roofing supply industry that preparing for the unexpected to happen is better than waiting to repair damages after a natural disaster. There are many ways to prepare yourself and your family if you were to ever experience an emergency situation.  Read our helpful tips below to get ready this season:

  1. If your roof is in bad shape, call your local Clearwater roofing supply company to get the high quality tools you need.
  1. Create an evacuation plan that fits your home and include not only your roommates or family members but pets living in your home.
  1. Watch the news and listen to the radio for weather updates to stay tuned for storm surges and flooded areas in your town.
  1. Avoid driving in flooded areas because from far away it may look like a shallow puddle in the road that can possibly be deeper than you think. In addition, electrical work on a vehicle can be expensive to pay an auto shop to fix.
  1. Purchase disaster supplies such as water bottles (1 gallon), perishable food and medicine to last you up to 3 to 4 days.
  1. Visit a local store for candles, flash lights and batteries to keep your place well lit if the electricity goes out.
  1. Turn the temperature in your refrigerator to the maximum cold selection. If the power goes out, food and beverages in the refrigerator will stay cold for a longer period of time.
  1. A generator is your life saver! Waiting for the aftermath of a hurricane to buy a generator is taking a chance. If we walk down memory lane, the lineup at the hardware store for a generator can take hours and being told that supplies are sold out in your city is a hassle.
  1. Take photographs of your homeowners warranty contract and other documentation in the event it becomes damaged. Your insurance company may ask for copies of this information if you decide to submit a claim.

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