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Metal Roof Corrosion; How to avoid

People are concerned with using metal roofs because they are worried that it will rust or corrode. This may be a valid concern because corrosion can shorten the expected life of metal building system in particular climates. However, metal can resist corrosion, with the right type of coating. There are various types of coatings that make metal roofs nearly rust proof.  Alternatively, the roofer can completely insulate the metal with paint or plastic coating at the joints.

Another way to reduce the risk of corrosion to your metal roof is to use the rubber insulators between the dissimilar metals to prevent electrical current flow. Corrosion does not take place in dry conditions, therefore, the roofer should assemble the roof, in a way, that it sheds rainwater, and there should be no accumulation of water in any part of the roof.

Being aware of the installation issues can help roofers prevent corrosion. For example, failing to consider precision clips and or fasteners can lead to corrosion. Any fasteners or precision clips used in the metal roof needs to work with the material the roofer is using to assemble the metal roof. If a roof consists of steel roof panels, the fasteners and or precision clips should be manufactured from carbon or stainless steel. If using aluminum roofing, the fasteners should be made of stainless steel. In addition, when the roofer drills holes to install the fasteners or precision clips, he must sweep it away those little chips of steel or they can rust or stain the metal roof.

When steps are made to avoid corrosion, metal roofing is extremely durable and holds up very well, even against the elements that can corrupt any roof, like heat, moisture and UV-radiation. Most metallic-coated steels are guaranteed for 35 years, it is not unusual to come across metal roofs that have lasted a century. After all, some of the most important parts of the roof can be subject to this type of corrosion.   Applying the proper precautions when building a roof can help maintain the performance and the appearance of the metal roof for years to come.



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