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Why people are moving to metal roofs

While the rest of the economy has been flagging over the past decade or so, residential roofing – particularly metal roofing (and for our case metal roof fasteners) – has been experiencing a protracted boom period. In fact, metal roofs have quadrupled their market share in the past decade alone.

The reasons for that are numerous, but to break it down quick and easy, here’s the most common answers:

  • They can perform for over 50 years
  • Can come in a wide range of styles so they don’t stick out like a sore thumb like they used to years ago
  • Incredible resistance to deterioration and damage
  • Completely fire-safe
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • They actually weigh less – which puts less structural stress on the rest of the house

The big determining factor for most customers though – is the cost savings; not just in terms of the sticker price, but with regards to their insurance as well.

While the up front cost of a metal roof is more than your prototypical asphalt roof –you’re looking at essentially a one-time cost. Because once you buy a metal roof, the chances are you won’t ever (yes –ever) have to purchase another roof. When you look at the cost over 30-50 years, it’s actually less to install the metal roof. Even better – they come with 50-year warranties – so if something DOES go wrong – you’re covered.

The other big benefit is the insurance savings. Now with a less risky roof, you have a less risky house. In some cases, some insurance companies offer discounts as high as 35% to homeowners who have metal roofs. When you think of the totality of that over the long run, that’s enormous cost savings.

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Avoiding a Roof Collapse with Metal Roofing Supplies

How Winter Damage’s A Roof

Our metal roofing supplies experts know how snow can cause trouble for your customers. A snow buildup because of several storms during the winter season can cause roofs to leak and over time, structural damage. The worst part about this is is the signs can go unnoticed, but we have good tips on how you can help them beat the ice.

What Causes Roofs to Collapse

The building codes established in your city include how to prevent environmental hazards, but the information based on average snow conditions. Most the homes in our communities aren’t built for the extreme weather and storms that we have been noticing for the past ten years.

Call us today at 1-800-985-2880 for more information on our supplies to better help serve your customers.

On average, most residential roofs only support 20 pounds per square foot of snow and each square foot of roof, in addition to 10 to 12 inches of snow that weighs 5 pounds. After a few days of snow sitting on a roof, it can become heavy with 4 inches of hard ice that adds pressure to certain spots that can cause a roof to collapse.

If your customer has a slate or tile roof, a heavy material made of wood shingles or asphalt will absorb water from the snow, and it will add to the pressure. As a metal roofing supplies company, we present you with the signs that a roof is about to collapse:

  • The windows or doors are stuck and unable to open or close
  • Your customers hear a popping or cracking noise
  • The roof parts are sagging, and this includes plywood sheathing, the ceiling boards or grid
  • The wood members, masonry, and walls become split or cracked

Tell your customers to be on the lookout for leaks, mold, rotting wood or wet insulation.

Helpful Ways Beat the Ice with Metal Roofing Supplies

The truth is metal roofs are good at shedding snow because it has a smooth surface. Also, the metal material emits energy from the sun’s rays that will help the snow on your customer’s roof to melt and slide towards the ground. It is one of the reasons why metal roofing supplies will come in handy.

The Metal Roofs Company You Need

Metal roof supplies that last a lifetime are hard to find, but we have everything that you need in stock to provide your customers with the best customer service. Call us today with questions or to place an order.



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Metal Roofing Supplies Save Time & Money

How Extra Metal Roofing Supplies Save Time and Money

Precision Fasteners and Components LLC understands how important it is for Clearwater Florida Metal supply roofers need to have the right amount of materials to complete a job. Preparation will help you save time, money and create a stress-free work environment. When your customers give you a call to replace a roof or make updates, get ready in advance by ordering extra metal roofing supplies by calling 1-800-985-2880.

Why You Need Extra Metal Roofing Supplies

  • When you are working on a job, and the customer has a specific finish or color, finding materials to match it might be difficult. Hold onto the materials and call Precision Fasteners and Components LLC to find out if there is a match for you to complete the repairs.
  • If you are on the job and your metal roofing supplies run out of stock, you have to delay the job to order new parts. Rather than waiting for materials in the mail and potentially leaving the customers roof open to weather damage, present yourself as a professional organization.
  • Maximize the work efforts of your roofers and save money if a customers shingles come loose.

Metal Roofing Supplies to Bring to Every Job

Do you know which supplies are a necessity? The Precision Fasteners and Components team of experienced roofers provided the following list:

  • Fixed Clips
  • Slider Assemblies
  • Bearing Plates
  • DEKTITE Pipe Flashings
  • Precision tm Drop in Gutter Outlet
  • RE2 tm Light Weight Spacer
  • Magnetic Nut Drivers

 The Metal Roofing Supplies Company to Call

Call us at 1-800-985-2880 to find out more about our metal roofing supplies inventory to get your roofers on the road and put smiles on customers faces. Our website shows a list of inventory of tools, accessories, clips and screws of the finest quality. Our track record reflects that our company is affordable and efficient.

Re-using roofing materials is the last decision you want to make. Make the most of your day and save money.


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Metal Roofing Supplies Tips for Property Managers

The reality of property management is there will be new and more experienced professionals working in our industry. As a Clearwater Metal Roofing Supply company we understand the challenges in property managers having the ability to identify problems with the property for repairs. Here at Precision Fasteners & Components, we believe that the areas of a property that are more expensive to repair need to be studied and checked periodically. With these skill’s you can save tenants and the owner of the property money, time and heartache. If you can accomplish this goal consistently, the doors of opportunity will open wide for you because you will have a proven track record of keeping costs down. Instead of starting in the interior of the property let’s pay attention to the importance of roofing maintenance.


Do you need metal roofing supply tools, clips, screws, and accessories? You found the right place. Call 1-800-985-2880 and one of our representatives will be happy to help.

  1. Review, Review, and Review


Call a Clearwater Florida roofing supply company once a year to complete an inspection and after a major storm or natural disaster.

  1. The Surface Needs Maintaining

The flat area of the surface will need careful attention. Ensure that the gutters are clear of debris during the summer and fall season.

  1. Complete Repairs Immediately


When you think a bucket in a room to collect dripping water in a house will save money, mold and other issues can arise over time. The quote for a structural issue is an even more astronomical reality. When you find a problem, get it fixed and it will make your job less stressful.

  1. A Clean Roof is Essential


A buildup of grass, leaves or debris can easily be inspected by a property manager for cleaning. The unbelievable will happen when the grass starts to grow roots on the top of the roof that can potentially cause a leak.


  1. Trim the Trees


When you see branches and limbs in the gutters or the top of the roof, remove it. It may appear harmless, but you will be surprised how quick water damage can ruin the life of a roof.

  1. Finding a Clearwater Florida Roofing Supply Company


Ask if the company is fully insured and licensed. References can be used to find out if previous work was successful and determine if the company you choose can make emergency calls. Although property managers enjoy their sleep, anything can happen at the least desirable time at the properties you manage.

Remember to search our website for metal roofing supplies that you need to get the job done right.

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Metal Roofing Supplies Tips for Contractors

Metal Roofing Supplies Tips to Consider

Whether you are a seasoned roofer or recently started in the industry, roof shingling is an easy job to complete. We learned in school and our employers remind us of how important it is to carefully do the job right the first time. If you haven’t experienced an injury or a sore thumb during a job, that day will eventually come. A commercial and residential job will always need safety which is the first priority from the beginning to the end while working on a roof. Although we specialize in metal roofing supplies, we know a thing or two about the right way to complete a shingling project without wasting money, time and putting your wellbeing in danger.

Place an Order With our metal roofing supplies company and Save 5% on your 1st order today. Call us at 1-800-985-2880!


Do you know the most popular rule for installing shingles? It has been said that layering new shingles over existing shingles is completely fine because the material has a lifespan of over 20 years. The truth is it can potentially develop problems that are not easily visible because the shingles are stacked on top of each other. As a company with 30 years of experience, we strongly recommend that you strip the roof first to find potential problems and use no more than 3 layers of shingles.


It is typical to see a roofer with a crowbar in order to remove shingles from a roof. To give your customer a positive experience with this investment, use a Roofer’s Spade which is a tool that is specifically designed to make your job easier. Remember, a crowbar can accidentally slip out of your hand and fall on a customer, a car or their neighbor’s property. When you least expect it the crowbar can hit you and cause serious injury.

The Importance of Renting a Dumpster

Debris is a big part of working in the roofing industry. It not only comes from the roof but you will also notice that it peels off of the nails that you use to fix a roof. A better way than to throw shingles and old nails in the back of your truck is to rely on a local equipment rental company for a dumpster to rent. Our metal roofing supplies materials meet industry standards to ensure your customers get the best quality.

Setting Standards for the Roofing Industry

With other metal roofing clip companies coming to us to produce their custom components, we know that we’ve got it right. From our 20,000 sq. ft. facility in Clearwater, Florida, millions of metal roofing fasteners and components are manufactured to the highest degree of quality and shipped on time.

Remember to call our metal roofing supplies team to place your next order and save 5% as a new customer.

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