The benefits of metal roofs in coastal climates

With climate change being a real thing, hurricane season is getting longer and longer and more people here in the Tampa area are considering metal roofs as an option for their home. One of the reasons metal roofs are so popular in coastal areas is because of its strength, durability and ability to withstand the harsh heat and climate. 

If you’re in a coastal area and you’re wondering whether metal roofs are for you – we have some reasons for you to consider taking the plunge and making the investment. Let’s jump right in!

Metal roof is better than asphalt at withstanding damage

Metal roofs originally got popular in the northeast – as they were a great deterrent against the high volume of snow and ice those reasons get. But in addition to their ability to withstand the cold, they were equally capable at defending homes against wind. 

And wind and hail are something you’ll find that most warm weather states have to deal with. Across the board, the asphalt shingles are outperformed by Metal Roofs when it comes to protecting against weather-related damage. Metal roofs have a class-4 rating against both hail and wind, making them an appealing option for folks living in the Tampa area. 

Particularly when it comes to dealing with high winds with hurricanes, metal roofs are particularly effective. Metal roofs can withstand gusts up to 180mph and sustained 140mph winds when they’re installed correctly. 

A lifetime investment

The reality is that an investment in a metal roof is going to be the last investment you’ll likely ever have to make in a roof again. Even in spite of hurricanes, salt from the ocean, hail from tropical storms and the like – Metal roofs last over 50 years on average. So outside of the occasional touch up – you won’t have to worry about extensive maintenance and replacement bills. 

Hidden benefits

In addition to the extra protection and long-term durability, there’s a lot of hidden benefits in a metal roof as well. For starters, metal roofs insulate homes well – and while that means warmer homes in the winter up north; for us southern coastals, that means cooler, more energy efficient homes in the warm weather. That’s less money flying out the door in your monthly utility bills. In many ways, metal roofs can end up almost paying for themselves when it comes to savings. 

Hopefully these tips will make you think a little bit more intently about the benefits of adding a metal roof to your home. If you’re in the market for metal roof clips or other metal roof components, feel free to give us a call today! Until then – good luck!

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