Tips for Hiring Metal Roofing Contractors

It’s important to choose your roofing contractor carefully since a new roof is a major investment that you’re likely to live with for a long time.

This holds true for all types of roofing contractors but is especially important with metal roofing contractors because application of a metal roof is a specialty that requires skills and tools that are quite different than those used for installing more-typical roofing products. Whereas a typical roofing contractor can install wood or asphalt shingles, it takes a specialist to install most types of metal roofing.

For sheet metal roofing systems, choose a contractor who has had at least three years of experience installing metal roofs.

The best way to find a good metal roofing contractor is through friends and neighbors who have had similar work done. If you do not know anyone who has had one installed, your best bet is to use one of the Web’s contractor-finding sites such as HomeAdvisor. The benefit of these services is that they help you find local metal roofing contractors who have been pre-screened.

Another way to find a metal roofing specialists is to call architects or builders who have designed or built homes utilizing metal roofs and ask them for their suggestions.

Make appointments with at least three professional roofers. Make sure they are well experienced at the type of roof you intend to have installed. Then get references from satisfied customers and call those references to be sure they were happy with the work and to discuss any issues that arose during the project.

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