What to avoid when installing a metal roof accessory

One of the advantages of owning a metal roof comes from the fact that you can add several accessories that can help to dramatically increase the durability and lifespan of your roof. That being said – there are a lot of fly by night roofing contractors out there that can cause a lot of damage to your roof if these accessories aren’t installed properly. 

Today, we’re going to talk about a few of the things you should keep in mind should you decide that you’d like to install some additional metal roof accessories. Follow this advice, and your project should proceed smoothly. Let’s jump right in!

Using dissimilar materials

Not all metal roof materials are created equal and when you use multiple types of metal accessories you can actually damage your roof. Accessories that are made of dissimilar materials like lead, copper and graphite and cause damage and corrosion, so make sure that whatever you add to your roof is made out of similar materials to your existing roof. 

Doing it yourself

You are not a roofing contractor and improperly trying to undergo a project can have consequences, not the least of which is damaging your roof. It can cost you your warranty and dramatically increase the cost of maintenance – which is what you were hoping to avoid in the first place when you made the investment of purchasing a metal roof. In addition, working on the roof is dangerous and should only be undertaken by professionals. 

Choosing the wrong metal roof clips 

There are a plethora of metal roof clip systems out there on the market and determining the right ones to use can be overwhelming. Instead of purchasing these materials on your own, make sure you have a discussion with your contractor over precisely what kind of metal roof clip system they plan on using and make sure that it is a proper application for your roof. 

Using the right tools

Make sure that your contractors are using the recommended tools for your project. Using things like an abrasive saw can damage the cut edge, causing corrosion, including causing quite the aesthetic eye sore. In addition, damaging your roof on your own can void any finish warranty that you might have and also create spots where there could be potential leaks in the future. Stick to the manual. It’s there for a reason!

Hopefully, by avoiding these mistakes – your metal roof project will go smoothly. Use similar materials and always remember – let the pros be pros! Good luck!

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