What’s so great about copper roofing?

In recent years, copper roofing has come into vogue with both contractors and home owners alike. It’s hard to blame them- not only does it look great and last a long time, but it can also be formed into different profiles to fit the needs of your home.

If you’re considering copper roofing for your next home remodel, give this blog a read as today we’ll be exploring the pros and cons of this type of metal roof and what it can do for you. Let’s jump right in.

The pros

Just like with most styles of metal roofs, copper roofs come with a whole swath of advantages. The first of which is the aesthetic that they bring to a home. Depending on the option of the person you’re talking to, copper is considered one of the most attractive options on the market. Adding it as a roofing material significantly enhances its curb appeal and value.

The second advantage is its versatility. Whether its shingles or tiles or even custom shapes – copper can be formed any way you’d like it to be. It makes it a uniquely useful product, specifically with regards to finding a good fit for one-of-a-kind roofs that present interesting building challenges. IN addition, copper is a substantially lighter metal relative to others – meaning it puts less stress on your home – especially during times where it’s carrying excess weight due to snow, protracted rainfall, etc.

The final key advantage for a copper roof is its lifespan and performance. There’s a reason church’s and other big buildings use copper as their roofing material of choice. It keeps out mildew and extreme weather. It doesn’t catch fire and in some cases, can last decades with minimal upkeep. In addition, it’s also good at reflecting light as opposed to absorbing it – which helps the house improve its energy efficiency by lowering heating and cooling costs.

The cons

The only meaningful drawback to owning a copper roof is the up-front cost – which is significant. Copper is a premium material that comes loaded with all of the benefits we listed above. It’s also best installed by a quality roofing professional – which will also add to the cost. That being said, if you’re thinking of staying in your home long-term, a copper room should be seen as a large, one-time investment. Once it’s installed, you rarely if ever need to worry about maintenance and you won’t be stuck in some sort of roof replacement cycle that applies to people who use asphalt shingles and the like.


Hopefully this blog can give you better insight into the pros and cons of purchasing and installing a copper roof. If you need help with metal roof clips or other installation materials – call or have you contractor give us a call today! Good luck!


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