Why you should get a roof inspection

With the new year quickly approaching, it’s time for us all to reflect back on what was a tough year – but also look forward to 2021 and what we hope to accomplish. For many of us, making some updates and upgrades to our homes might be front of mind and perhaps you’re even considering a new roof. 

If that’s what you’re planning on being in the cards for the new year, you might want to take the first step of getting a roof inspection done as soon as possible. This is important for a variety of reasons – reasons which we’ll discuss today. 

A roof inspection is the first, and one of the most important steps in the process of getting a new roof because, well – it might paint a different picture from your assumptions. It’ll give you everything you need to know – from the condition of your roof, to whether you need a new one or simply make repairs. Today, we’re going to discuss why these things are important and why this year is the year to get a roof inspection done if you haven’t already. Let’s jump right in!

Undiscovered damage

If you’ve got an older roof, there’s always bound to be some damage and wear and tear. These things aren’t made to last forever and your roof will take a beating because let’s face it – that’s its job!

That damage could exist even if you don’t see it with the naked eye. An inspector will check your roof and flashing to see if there’s any signs of water damage. And the chances are – if you can catch that damage before it enters your home – the better off you’ll be. 

Maybe its minor, instead of major

Sometimes we all get out over our skis and worry a little too much that something we own is in tougher shape than it really is. Sometimes, the damage is just minor. And an inspector will identify that issue and allow you to get out ahead of it. This is important though, because minor issues can become big problems if left unattended. Still, this will help acutely identify problems and allow you to address them in a more affordable manner. 

It actually makes insurance claims easier

Yeah, you actually read that right. A reporting from a roofing company with inspection findings with roofer recommendations can make the insurance claim process way easier. This report will include the condition of your roof and any repairs required as well as an estimated cost. It’ll give them everything they need to help come up with a more accurate determination of what you need. If they give you guff, you can also try to hire a public claims adjuster who can advocate for an enhanced claim for you. Either way – an inspection report can go a long way towards making your life easier. 

Hopefully this blog encourages you to go out and hire someone to inspect your roof. Trust us – it’s worth it! In the meantime, we hope that you and your loved ones have a happy, healthy and safe New Year’s. Good luck!

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