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Quality design and manufacturing have spurred Precision Fasteners’ growth. The customer base includes industry related manufacturers, national distributors, and roofing contractors. The customer base spans the U.S., South America, the Caribbean, Korea, and Japan. Precision Fasteners is recognized internationally for quality roofing materials!

Based in Clearwater, Florida, Precision Fasteners has a 20,000 square foot facility for manufacturing and shipping roofing supplies, metal roofing clips, metal roofing fasteners, and other components; all manufactured to the highest quality and shipped on- time. The main plant features electrical discharge machines, lathes, grinders, milling machines and dozens of presses ranging from 20 to 100 ton. Quality in standard and custom work is more than just machines and square footage, it is people. The shop staff of 11 journeyman, tool and die makers and certified machinists are dedicated to the roofing industry as well as the specialized projects in-house. These skilled workers range from 2 to 22 years of experience with the company. Quality is a way of life, the high level of precision used in making every part is unsurpassed. Quality Control is extensive for each and every step, and is measured down to 5/1000th of an inch tolerance. Making the world’s finest roofing materials isn’t Precision Fasteners’ only forte. Precision Fasteners make parts, and/or tools to make parts, for automotive manufacturers, the aerospace industry, the cell phone telecom industry, and supports other industries needs for manufacturing tools and equipment. Precision Fasteners has the expertise.

Precision Fasteners ships on time from 3 strategic locations; Clearwater, Florida, Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Chicago, Illinois. Inventory is maintained on all products and typically shipped on the day of an order. Special orders ship the week of the order. This logistical superiority in combination with an aggressive marketing campaign will continue to spur the company’s growth. Currently 75% of shipments are domestic and 25% international.

Precision Fasteners can be your “single source provider” for metal roofing materials. Three U.S locations, international connections, local distributors, one day shipping for stock products and only one week turnaround for specials. Inventories are not just the metal clips, but also are the screws, rivets, tools and other related products needed to install the metal roof clips. These related products are all high-quality, time tested items, sold at very competitive prices - up to 75% less than what major competitors are charging - that’s value. Make Precision Fasteners your one stop source for high quality metal roofing materials.

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National Tooling & Machining Association 30 year member

Quality metal roofing materials and Precision Fasteners, Inc go hand and hand. In this business, quality is the key. Precision Fasteners was established in 1978 by Ralph Hoffstetter and his son Greg. As industry leaders concerned with quality, Ralph and Greg have both been President of the National Tooling and Machining Association. Father and son have been members of the NTMA for 30 years as well as being 30 year members of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. Precision Fasteners have a proven, long term dedication to quality.

Precision Fasteners stamps and ships precision parts for the Aerospace and Automotive industries as well as the metal roofing industry worldwide. Quality is evidenced by their many awards from both Martin Marietta and Lockheed for superior quality and delivery.

Quality in metal roofing materials is another of our specialties. We have designed, developed and tested many of the metal roofing clips and screws that have become industry standards nationwide. Of particular note, for areas with high wind conditions, i.e., hurricanes and other storm areas; We have been involved in many of the tests on metal roofing materials to determine the exact point of “complete failure”. The objective is to meet and exceed the ASTM-E1592 tests. These tests are conducted in an engineering laboratory. Here, a pressure test on the materials is conducted. Roof panels are secured over a metal test chamber and are inflated with pressure and then allowed to relax on the chamber. This is repeated until the roof has a total failure. The engineer can thus determine the wind uplift limits of the roof.

The parts from Precision Fasteners have earned UL Classifications and have been extensively tested under ASTM-E1592 guidelines. Many of our Florida customers have also had these clips "Dade Approved" and all of our clips can be manufactured in stainless steel.



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